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Hey all. :) I'm Kim- Kimmie if you love me.
Josie, my god this is a great idea. Thanks for inviting me to join.

Hmm...I guess I should introduce myself a little bit? Forgive the utter informality. :) I'm like that sometimes. I've been a GUESS model for a few years now, and I've dabbled in a few music videos. (Think NSYNC and Aerosmith.) I've done a few shoots for Victoria's Secret, but there has been a bit of uh...controversy surrounding my age, so we'll see what comes of that, right? Keep your fingers crossed and all that good junk.

I try to keep myself busy with work, but when nothing's going on for me, I am completely guilty of vegging out in front of the television, gorging myself on Ben & Jerry's and yeah, I am a total golf nerd. Hee, hope this doesn't scare anyone off.

MWA hope to talk to you all soonish.

P.S. Laetitia, I saw this picture of you that made me melt. So like a big dork, I made it an icon. If you likey, feel free to take it, kay?

watch lj eat this post.
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Merci mon chere

Never feel guilty for vegging out. Food is beautiful, especially ice cream.
If I could have children with Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream, I would. Mmm.

:) Glad you liked the icon.